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Limbo was born out of seeing a need for a solution to the online transaction problems of fraud and scams, mainly seen through currently unregulated platforms such as Facebook Buy and Sell pages and Marketplace.

Most New Zealanders have been frauded or know someone who has. We believe that Facebook provides a great space in selling things online outside of the fraud issues.. So we set track to find a solution!

Similar services (which are called escrow services), are usually either focused on International or high value transactions, which generally means higher risk, legal complications and fees. So we looked to create a service that was focused on low value transactions (Under $10,000) and only for use in New Zealand to keep the operating costs down.

So on Tuesday the 17th of August 2021, the founder Daniel put the call through to Deepsouth Technology, when what started as just an idea, quickly became a viable solution. With New Zealand entering level 4 lockdown the very next day (unknowing to them at the time of discussion). They used the time at home to get working on what is changing the way New Zealanders transact with each other online.

The saying goes, “when buying things online, don’t give the seller the funds until you have the item in your hands”, and that idea is exactly what Limbo was built from. Made by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders.

We would like to thank you for checking out and/or using our service. Because our fees are so low, we built Limbo with a community spirit in mind to make it affordable for everyone. Which means instead of covering costs from just a few users paying more, we rely on support from the New Zealand whānau as a whole to keep Limbo innovating, progressing and expanding, so we thank you for your support.

Our Partners

Deepsouth Technology

Still have questions?

Below are frequently asked questions, contact us if you have any other questions or queries.
I received an empty or conterfeit package, what do I do?
We take these matters very seriously and Limbo will launch an investigation into every report filed. You can find more about this on our disputes page.
Does the Seller pay any fees?
No, the Seller in a transaction never pays any fees. It is free to download and make an account on Limbo. For our low cost Buyers fees, see our fees section.
How are Limbo fees calculated?
Limbo Fees are always paid by the Buyer, there are no fees for the selling party. We charge 0.5% of the transaction, with a minimum of $1, a maximum of $10 and ZERO fees for amounts under $25. This excludes use of Limbo Pay, which is an additional service.
What happens if my item goes missing or is broken in the post?
Either party is able to launch a claim via our courier claims process on the Limbo App, however if the item is broken it is most practical for the Buyer to start the claim. Learn more on our disputes page.
What is the process if a transaction is cancelled?
If the sale falls through, and this is either approved by the Seller or the Seller doesn’t book a courier within the required 7 day time period (a default release condition). The transaction funds are released to the Buyer minus any Limbo, Limbo Pay, Shipping Fees (if shipping has already been paid for), or the one off Identification Fee.
I'm the Seller and I can see the money in the Limbo account, why haven’t I received it yet?
Limbo will hold the funds until the Buyer has received the item and has up to 3 days to inspect it once it arrives. This is triggered by the tracking indicating the package has arrived. If the funds are not released within the 3 day period by the Buyer, Limbo automatically releases the funds to you.
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