Identification Process

A big part of our fraud prevention and also legal compliance is that we are required to run identification checks on all users when they are the buying party for the first time in a transaction.

These identity checks are a one off fee of $3. (This is currently only required for the buying party.)

What you will need:

  • A New Zealand bank account with at least $3 in it. (Overseas banks are not accepted)
  • A cell phone that can take photos.
  • Your bank login details. (Customer number and password)
  • A New Zealand driver’s license.

Identification Steps

  1. You will be taken to Akahu’s secure portal where you will be asked to enter your banking app’s login details.
  2. Confirm to pay the $3 identity check fee. (Non-refundable)
  3. You will then be taken straight to the Cloudcheck secure portal to verify your login.
  4. Limbo will check that your bank account and license match. (You may be asked for further documentation at this point)
  5. Identification complete. We will store your data securely in our Cloud storage.

We understand that providing this information can seem a little unnecessary. However this is a key part of making Limbo a secure and safe way to transact. It also allows us to associate transactions with real people if we ever need to file a police report for fraudulent users or criminal activity.

Learn more about Akahu on their website.

ID Verified Badge

If this badge is showing on a person's profile that you are wanting to transact with, it means that they have been ID verified and have passed. Do remember that only buyers are required (at this stage) to be ID checked by law, however you can ask the seller if they have not been verified to do this for your peace of mind. This is an option within the side menu of the app if you have not yet been ID verified.

If you don’t have the required documents needed for an identity verification and would like to find out other options, please contact us. If you require more information about our privacy policy, please read our privacy policy page, or contact us for more info.

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