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We've compiled a list of benefits for you, the Seller, below.

Benefits for Sellers

Sellers are an important part of the Limbo experience, without you, there would be no transactions and quite simply, no Limbo.

We understand that you may have questions and concerns about what a Limbo transaction means for a Seller. We want to assure you that we understand that sending an item without receiving payment into your account first can be concerning and we want to let you know Limbo works to support you.

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Benefits for you, the Seller


Limbo gives the buyer assurance with transactions. This in turn makes buyers more likely to buy higher value items and increases interest knowing that they have Limbo’s Assurance and gives confidence that the items will arrive as described.

Seller Guarantee

Once the buyers have received the item, Limbo's priority is that the Seller gets paid unless a reasonable dispute arises. If a buyer doesn’t release the funds within Limbo in 3 days of arrival then the payment will be released automatically.

Book a Courier

Get NZ courier to pick up your parcel direct from your door for a fast easy service all organised within Limbo.
Limbo Shipping calculator to quickly work out the shipping cost with NZ Courier.

Less tyre kickers

If a buyer has accepted your transaction they are obligated to complete the purchase, unless a reasonable dispute arises.

Zero Fees

There are no transaction fees for Sellers on Limbo. Unlike listing things on other platforms, on Limbo, the buyer is responsible for all the Limbo Fees.

Crime Prevention

As well as preventing fraud and scams in online transactions, all buyers undergo an identification check. This is to help prevent money laundering and online fraud in New Zealand.

Be sure to post on your next item that you welcome Limbo as payment, to attract more interest from buyers knowing they have the added assurance in Limbo

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Still have questions?

Below are frequently asked questions, contact us if you have any other questions or queries.
I received an empty or conterfeit package, what do I do?
We take these matters very seriously and Limbo will launch an investigation into every report filed. You can find more about this on our disputes page .
Does the Seller pay any fees?
No, the Seller in a transaction never pays any fees. It is free to download and make an account on Limbo. For our low cost Buyers fees, see our fees section.
How are Limbo fees calculated?
Limbo Fees are always paid by the Buyer, there are no fees for the selling party. We charge 0.5% of the transaction, with a minimum of $2, a maximum of $10 and ZERO fees for amounts under $25.
Can i use Limbo when buying a second hand vehicle?
Not yet, but we are working on it. Currently we rely on our Courier integration to process our transactions. However it is something we are looking to add in the future.
What is the process if a transaction is cancelled?
If the sale falls through, and this is either approved by the Seller or the Seller doesn’t book a courier within the required 7 day time period (a default release condition). The transaction funds are released to the Buyer minus any Limbo fees.
I'm the Seller and I can see the money in the Limbo account, why haven’t I received it yet?
Limbo will hold the funds until the Buyer has received the item and has up to 3 days to inspect it once it arrives. This is triggered by the tracking indicating the package has arrived. If the funds are not released within the 3 day period by the Buyer, Limbo automatically releases the funds to you.
Can the Buyer retrieve the funds once they are held in Limbo?
Once the funds are received into Limbos trust account, the buyer can not terminate the transaction. It is up to the Seller to cancel the transaction to release the funds back to the Buyer, or the 7 day transaction timer to run out if the courier isn’t booked (inactive seller).