Disputes Process

A very important element in Limbo is the disputes process. Sometimes even if everything is done with the best intention, communication or misunderstandings do occur. Thankfully, Limbo is here to help.


  1. Buyer and Seller agree on a new price (this will be communicated outside of Limbo). There is a section on the "transactions” screen in Limbo where the Buyer can enter the new agreed amount, at which point the Seller will get a notification to agree. Once agreed Limbo will split the funds accordingly.
  2. If an agreement can not be met, the Buyer sends package back and is responsible for the return shipping.
  3. If neither of the above options fit your situation, the Buyer or Seller has the right to go to the Small Claims Court.

If you are not happy with how we have handled your transaction, you can make a complaint against us using the Financial Services Complaints website.

Shipping Claim (NZ Couriers)

If a package goes missing or is broken in the post, the buyer can start a Courier claim process in the transaction screen in the app. Our team will look over the submitted claims form and either:

  1. Ask for more information.
  2. Send the claim to NZ Couriers for them to process and determine a result (can take up to 6 weeks).

Received an Empty or Counterfeit Package

Limbo takes these claims seriously and investigates every package that has arrived empty or is a completely different product than advertised. If Sellers are found to do this they will be removed from Limbo and reported to the Police. If a Buyer receives an item but claims the package was empty, we take this equally as seriously. All claims for an empty or counterfeit package will be loaded against your file (for Limbo viewing only) even if our investigation is equally inconclusive to prevent repeat offenders making multiple claims.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to start an investigation.

What happens if the Buyer finds an issue after I have released the funds to the Seller?

It is up to Buyer to make sure they are happy with the item before releasing the funds to the Seller. Once Limbo has released the funds to the Seller, Limbo is unable to help with any further dispute unless it involves serious criminal activity. See our terms and conditions

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