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Buyer assurance is why we created Limbo

Thousands of everyday Kiwis get frauded and scammed every year when using online marketplace platforms, overwhelming our Police system and leaving Buyers nowhere to turn to get their money back.

That’s why we decided to make Limbo. We wanted to make a low cost solution that gives Buyers a place of security for their funds in a transaction process, to prevent scams, fraud and to help reduce crime overall in NZ.

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Benefits for you, the Buyer

Verified Photos

Sellers can take verified photos in real life with Limbo (taken in person). This gives you assurance that the item you're buying is authentic and not an image from the internet.

Delivery Tracking

Track parcels and receive updates throughout the journey from the origin to the destination. All tracked on Limbo with optional push notifications.

NZ Courier Partner

Limbo is proud to partner with NZ Couriers to provide great rates and priority claims for faster processing.

Buyer Assurance

Rest easy knowing that Limbo is holding on to your funds and that if things go pear shaped, Limbo has your back in getting things sorted.

Crime Prevention

Limbo’s vision is to completely remove the chance of fraud and scams on marketplace platforms. We have made it incredibly hard for fraudsters to operate on our system. All disputes are closely monitored to block and report fraudsters to the Police.

Buyer Guarantee

Using Limbo gives you assurance that your item will arrive and will arrive as described. We have a process for sorting out disputes and guarantee you will get your item price refunded if you're not happy with the item and return it.

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Still have questions?

Below are frequently asked questions, contact us if you have any other questions or queries.
I received an empty or conterfeit package, what do I do?
We take these matters very seriously and Limbo will launch an investigation into every report filed. You can find more about this on our disputes page.
Does the Seller pay any fees?
No, the Seller in a transaction never pays any fees. It is free to download and make an account on Limbo. For our low cost Buyers fees, see our fees section.
How are Limbo fees calculated?
Limbo Fees are always paid by the Buyer, there are no fees for the selling party. We charge 0.5% of the transaction, with a minimum of $1, a maximum of $10 and ZERO fees for amounts under $25. This excludes use of Limbo Pay, which is an additional service.
What happens if my item goes missing or is broken in the post?
Either party is able to launch a claim via our courier claims process on the Limbo App, however if the item is broken it is most practical for the Buyer to start the claim. Learn more on our disputes page.
What is the process if a transaction is cancelled?
If the sale falls through, and this is either approved by the Seller or the Seller doesn’t book a courier within the required 7 day time period (a default release condition). The transaction funds are released to the Buyer minus any Limbo, Limbo Pay, Shipping Fees (if shipping has already been paid for), or the one off Identification Fee.
I'm the Seller and I can see the money in the Limbo account, why haven’t I received it yet?
Limbo will hold the funds until the Buyer has received the item and has up to 3 days to inspect it once it arrives. This is triggered by the tracking indicating the package has arrived. If the funds are not released within the 3 day period by the Buyer, Limbo automatically releases the funds to you.